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Write and Develop The Perfect TV Show Pilot!
Writing the Series Bible: Developing Your TV Series
Starts Thursday!
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Dates: 9/8 - 10/6
Length: 4 weeks
Price: $199.99
John Eubank
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Writing the Series Bible: Developing Your TV Series
Course Starts Thursday!

It usually goes like this: the pilot is all that network execs are really interested in at first. That's because the pilot demonstrates basic writing and gives them a sense of where things will go (the season's "map" is built into any good pilot). But once they've decided they like a pilot, then they want to see more-your series bible, particularly the first season's sketch.

A strong series bible is a crucial sales tool for your series. This workshop will help you get your TV series ready for an executive by developing your series premise, honing your pilot, and writing your series bible.

Although not necessary, it would be helpful for students to have draft of their pilot or at least an outline before beginning this workshop.

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"Great format of tuition followed by assignment ensuring progress and productivity. Thoughtful and constructive feedback from instructor, John Eubanks, who couldn't have been more helpful and encouraging." -Victoria W.

"The instructor was fantastic and seemed to spend considerable time with my submissions, way above and beyond to me." -David S. 

What you'll learn:

• The top tools for selling a TV series.
• What a TV series needs before it can get off the ground.
• How to write a series bible.
• The key elements of a pilot that can launch a series.
• What a first season needs.
About the Instructor: 
John Eubank
John Eubank
Two years after moving to L.A. to write, John Eubank sold his first screenplay and was flown to Africa on a development deal to write and associate-produce more projects for film and TV. Since then he's joined the WGA and worked on numerous projects from the independent to the studio and network level.

Lately he's been concentrating in television, writing documentary and reality shows for cable TV, and he earned a development deal with a production company connected with Telemundo/NBC to write pilots for 60 minute serial and episodic dramas. John Eubank graduated from Rice University, where he studied under former screenwriter Max Apple. "It's a big step," John says, "to shift from dreaming about a writing career to actually doing what's required to sell scripts. Successful writers helped me break in, and that's what I offer students: years of experience as a working writer."

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